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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet a Blogger Monday...on Tuesday...with Recipe for Amish Egg Noodles

Summertime at our house is absolutely crazy! Between baseball games, trips, weddings, fairs, concerts, camping, and all of the other stuff we have to do all of the time anyways (boring old stuff like actually working and doing laundry), our schedule is pretty much nonstop, and although I absolutely love this time of the year, there is a small part of me that is relieved when school starts up again and we regain some semblance of a normal schedule. I, being the incredibly smart person that I am, also decided to take a summer class through the local community college because it sure seemed like a good idea at the time. Fail #1 for my thought process... (On a side note, it is a nutrition class, so I am excited for what it stands to potentially bring to my kitchen and from my blog into your kitchen!) Anyways, we are right in the midst of all of that business, and the real moral of this short story is that this aforementioned crazy business is the reason why you are meeting a blogger on Tuesday instead of Monday.

Christine Simmerman is the hilarious, friendly, and talented voice behind the popular blog series FoodThoughtsofaChefWannabe. She is one of the kindest and most welcoming bloggers I have had the opportunity to get to know through my adventures, and this is readily shown through her impressive Facebook fan base. She makes delicious dishes of all different sorts to share with her friends, and is always engaging her readers for feedback and general conversation. Her blog is really a fantastic place to hang around; it really is more the embodiment of an actual "community" rather than just a source of reading material, and I assure you that you will find smiles, laughs, and tempting treat ideas on her site. You can also find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

It is with pleasure that I introduce Christine from FoodThoughtsofaChefWannabe!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into food blogging.
I am a 38 year old wife, mom and mom-mom (grandmom).  I was a music  teacher, and substitute teacher, I now stay home.  My mother-in-law got me into blogging, she knew I needed an outlet and I was always posting photos of meals I had cooked.  She suggested I start a blog.  That was in August 2011.

What types of recipes do you typically look for and why? What types of recipes do you typically feature on your blog?
I try to write all of my own recipes.  They are recipes I have always made or maybe at one time I followed a recipe but years later I have switched measurements and additions to suit what I want to make for my family.  I occasionally can’t resist sharing a fabulous recipe that I have seen.  I look for all kinds of recipes, but my jeans say, it is time look harder for HEALTHY recipes! 
What is your favorite thing to make? Did you find the recipe already written or create it yourself?
I adore making homemade pasta’s and soups of all kinds.  I make my noodles for chicken noodle soup (my fav food) from a recipe I got from an Amish woman and I just use a basic pasta recipe for everything else.  I have a few tried and true secrets.  I would like to share….but it would require a vow of silence by your readers!
 What is your single most favorite ingredient to cook/bake with and why?
PASTA!!  What is not to love about pasta?  It almost SCREAMS “love” when you put it in your mouth.  I tell my husband when I die, to make sure they stuff my mouth full of pasta before they bury me!  That is how much I love it!
What is your best kitchen "friend," the utensil or prep item you could not live without?
A wire whisk and a wooden paddle spoon.  And my adorable orange chef’s knife!

Do you have any kitchen rules you live by? Healthy? Everything in moderation? No processed foods? Anything at all. :)
EVERYTHING in moderation, whether it pertains to food or not.  Life is short, you must experience everything you can culinarily and otherwise!  Never limit yourself, just be smart about it!  Can you hear that?  It is my jeans again, “Chris take your own advice.”
What are your blogging goals and where do you see yourself in the future? What obstacles do you think will be the most difficult to overcome?
I would ultimately like to publish a cookbook, will that get me on the red carpet?  My goals are to have a record of my recipes for my son, and future daughter in law, granddaughter, etc.  And become a diva……you know, if it is in the cards!

Christine wanted to share with us today her recipe for Amish Egg Noodles, so here is a direct link to that recipe on her page, as well as delicious-looking picture of her final product! 

Clearly, Christine is far from a "wannabe chef!" She makes so much from scratch AND comes up with many of her own recipes, so I would say she is pretty darn talented in the kitchen. I can only imagine how lucky her family must feel to have her, which is great because you can see through her blog how much she loves them! 

Head over to FoodThoughtsofaChefWannabe soon and snoop around her wonderful site. You will be sure to make some friends while you are there, and your taste buds will, too! 

Don't forget, if you are a blogger, food or otherwise, and would like to be featured as part of this series, please email me, Amber, at ifitbakesyouhappy@gmail.com. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!